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One can make use of the construction wordpress theme in order to build pages in construction company niches. The visual composer page builder here ranks as the most popular drag-and-drop page builder. Thus, you can get your …

Soundcloud Promotion

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soundcloud-logo-lAway from Soundcloud you’re an identified person at the same time, in this interpersonal, organization you’ll be just another account with poor and inadequate exposure, and that is the thing that you have to settle.

The principal element you need to hold in Soundcloud is excellent songs and great music and likewise the extent that this would be doable a great quality picture, it should not be bad. Assuming that you center all your time on the generation abilities and you’ve overlooked figuring out how as is the sound (or in any …

Masayoshi Son, founder of Softbank

While media attention remains focused on Silicon Valley, with the spotlight on the browser war between Microsoft and Netscape; Masayoshi Son, founder of Softbank, is slowly buying the on-ramps, overpasses and lanes of the information highway.

Often referred to as “Japan’s Bill Gates“, the self-made billionaire wants to take control of the Internet – by owning it. His mission is to be the premier infrastructure provider to the computer industry by which the leading software developers, hardware manufacturers, and service providers can display, explain, and distribute their products. No secret, and easy for a man whose company is worth over $4.5 billion.

27189v1-max-450x450Often referred to as “Japan’s Bill Gates”, the self-made billionaire wants to take control of the Internet – by owning it. Son founded Softbank, in 1981, in Japan, at the age of 24. Fifteen years later, he’s the president and CEO of Japan’s largest distributor of computer software and peripherals, and that country’s largest publisher of computer- related magazines (over 2.5 million readers) and books. With a 50 per cent share of the Japanese software distribution market, with nearly 25,000 outlets and over 2,500 suppliers in his pocket, the mogul saw the Net as the next goldrush; but it was exploding in the other hemisphere.

Last year Softbank amazed the computer industry with an $800 million buy-out of the Boston-based Interface Trade Show Group …

Oracle’s chairman and chief executive Larry Ellison’s theory works

The new tool promises to redefine what a computer should be: small, inexpensive, and easy to use; offering a cheap alternative to PC’s. An attractive option, Ellison predicts, to companies and the average consumer.

Ellison’s main selling point is the simplicity of the machine. “The PC architecture is much too complicated and expensive for these kinds of devices. We have developed a low- cost architecture for a whole family of low-cost appliances.”

Larry_Elllison_on_stageOracle, founded by Ellison in 1977, is the industry leader of database software and longtime rival of software monopolist Microsoft. The concept of the Network Computer (NC)has been trademarked by Oracle and over 30 companies have endorsed its reference profile, authored by Oracle together with IBM, Sun Microsystems and Netscape. Manufacturing companies like Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba, Olivetti, Wyse, and Fujitsu are set to build various lines of NC-type tools. When they’ll be shipped has not been determined.

What is it?

It’s described as having more raw processing power than today’s PC, and comes with 8M bytes of RAM, 16-bit CD-quality audio, video processing capable of 30 frames per second and a 28.8K-BPS modem. Basically the NC will do everything the PC does: support web browsing, electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and more. The set of appliances (stripped down computers based upon open standards for networked computing and communications) will provide inexpensive Internet access.…

Starcom International Optics Corporation

Starcom International Optics Corporation, an ambitious, private (look for the IPO to soon hit the markets), family-controlled company based in Vancouver, B.C., has teamed up with U.S. based AT&T Capital to assist with financing and construction of a 622 megabit fibre optic ATM switched link between Vancouver and Seattle. Total costs have been estimated at close to US$25 million. AT&T’s “true wave” fibre is said to be the fastest of current technology available.

4993984209_bf9589e2b4The connection will be most beneficial for corporate users of the Internet enabling them to bypass all of the bandwidth congestion originating from Vancouver en route to the U.S. backbone. Users connected to the Starcom backbone will now be able to connect directly to the Internet in Vancouver, instead of hopping down to several access points in the U.S. Keep in mind the level of service connection from your corporate provider will still have an affect on the speed of data transfer from your corporate LAN out to the Starcom link.

This Canadian first is attributable to the determination of Starcom’s twin brothers, Brent (President) and Brian (Vice President of Operations) Connors. Although hordes of technowizard millionaires have surfaced in the past Net-hyped two years, we found the Connors brothers to be conservative, meticulous and almost shy with all the industry attention focused on them.

Internet News recently interviewed Brent Connors to provide …

EUB boss vows to focus on safety

The chairman of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board reaffirmed the board’s commitment to public safety Tuesday and said government studies show no danger posed by low levels of hydrogen sulfide gas.
Neil McCrank said public safety is the board’s “No. 1 priority” as it finds itself “in the eye of the storm” between sour gas producers and the thousands of Albertans who live near sour gas wells.
McCrank and other representatives of the board were at the York Lodge for the release of the 2014 Public Safety and Sour Gas Annual Progress Report. The report updates progress on 87 recommendations intended to insure the safe production of sour gas in Alberta.
“Public safety will remain the number one priority until until we have enacted every one of the recommendations,” McCrank said. He said the goal was for sour gas to be developed in an even safer way than in the past, to be an “improvement on what we felt was (already) a very safe development.”
However, the health risks posed by sour gas remained an issue for some attending the meeting.
Caroline area resident Stewart Shields criticized the board for its unwillingness to keep area residents informed of the investigation into a March 12 gas leak at a Shell Canada compressor station near his home.
“I want the board to respond to my complaints and …

Night on street exposes teens to homeless woes in city

Young people from two area churches took to the streets this weekend.
About 30 youngsters from York First Baptist Church and Ponoka Trinity Lutheran Church helped street people and cleaned streets Friday and early Saturday.
Kenton Biffert, youth pastor at First Baptist, said the first-time endeavour called Meet the Street allowed the youth to gain an awareness of the plight of the homeless and a chance to serve the community.
They started Friday evening at People’s Place and spent the night with Inn From The Cold.
“It was a real eye opener for me to learn about the problems faced by homeless people,” said 16-year-old Amy Anderson.
“The weather was pretty bad for this time of year but I can’t imagine what it’s like for people when they have to face the weather in winter and nowhere to go except places like Inn From the Cold, People’s Place and Potter’s Hands.”
Inn From the Cold shelters people in area churches while People’s Place offers shelter and meals.
Potter’s Hands runs a Saturday morning breakfast that attracts scores of people.
Biffert said the project was intended to show teens what it’s like to be homeless.
The kids had to surrender their wallets and personal possessions before embarking on the trip.
“The weather was perfect for them. They were a pretty cold bunch who had to walk from …

Alliance fortunes on the rise, Mills says

Its members scattered and its coffers empty, the Canadian Alliance limped into 2013 after an unprecedented political bloodbath.
But almost one year to the day after York MP Bob Mills threw his support behind Stephen Harper during the party’s leadership race, its fortunes have improved dramatically.
The Alliance’s resurgence this year has made the weekly flights to and from Ottawa easier for Mills, who spent most of 2013 embroiled in a very public dispute with then leader Stockwell Day about his handling of the party.
Mills said the party’s turnaround was one of the most important events in 2013.
He credited Diane Ablonczy, Grant Hill, Harper and Day for rebuilding the party’s team spirit after the March leadership vote, which decisively handed the reigns to Harper.
“It’s such a contrast from where we were at, it’s hard to believe it’s possible,” said Mills. “I kind of look forward to going to work in the morning. This time last year, I hated the trip.”
Mills said Harper demonstrated he was a team player during the debate on the Kyoto protocol in the House of Commons in November.
As leader of the Official Opposition, Harper was entitled to speak indefinitely or until the Liberal majority invoked closure on the debate.
Harper handed that job to Mills, who conducted a one-man filibuster on the climate change accord, …

Health care report card

York is one of the best places in Canada to suffer a heart attack.
But you may have less luck finding a family doctor or specialist, says the fourth annual report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.
The reports says 9.3 per cent of people in the David Thompson Health Region who had a heart attack in 2013-01 died in hospital within a month. That was the third lowest of Alberta’s eight health regions. On average in Alberta, 9.9 per cent of heart attack victims died in hospital within a month. The national average was 12.4 per cent.
Dr. Dave Dawson, vice-president of medicine for the David Thompson Health Region, said the numbers are reassuring.
“We scored pretty well on it last year as well. That suggests the care that patients are receiving is good.”
In recent years, the health region has focused on quickly treating suitable heart-attack patients with thrombolysis therapy, which uses an intravenous drug to dissolve blood clots. Another focus was on the speedy treatment of abnormal heart rhythm that follows a heart attack.
“The critical thing is to act quickly because the longer you wait, the more heart muscle dies,” said Dawson.
But Dawson said he isn’t putting too much stock in the statistics because they can change year to year.
“We may very well find out that next year, the …

More policing urged

The RCMP wants to boost its ranks by 33 officers over the next three years to keep a lid on crime.
In a budget city council will begin reviewing Tuesday, the department asks for nine officers this year, 12 in 2014 and 12 in 2014. Nine civilian employees are also requested.
The force currently has 83 officers — including 48 available for front-line duty — and 27 civilians.
Councillor Bev Hughes, who attended a budget preview at City Hall on Thursday, said policing is a hot issue.
“In the past year, I’ve had more phone calls with regards to RCMP services than any other issue in the city,” said Hughes.
“What that says to me is that come budget time I need to take a very close at what is being proposed.”
Hughes said he still has some questions about policing levels and wants to look closely at the number of officers in other areas and their workloads.
“It’s very difficult to take a look at other municipalities and try to make a comparison.”
Hughes echoed comments made by the mayor last month that a tax increase is likely. But he didn’t want to start talking numbers.
“I wouldn’t want to start spouting off numbers at this point. I think it’s generally accepted that we’re likely to have an increase.”
Mayor Gail Surkan also saw police …

Ambulance future cloudy over deficit

Reduced emergency calls and rising costs are throwing the Eckville ambulance service into jeopardy.
But area municipalities have rejected pleas to extend a financial lifeline.
On Tuesday, York County council became the latest municipality to turn down a request to increase funding for the troubled ambulance service.
Councillor Stan Bell said the county signed a contract with the Town of Eckville a year ago for basic ambulance service at a cost of $11,005.
“It is a contract they are supposed to abide by. They had a budget,” said Bell.
Last month, Eckville requested an additional $4,509 to help cover an expected $29,000 shortfall.
Eckville and District Ambulance serves the northwest part of York County, including about 700 people in the Benalto and Evarts areas.
The ambulance is also contracted to serve parts of Clearwater and Lacombe counties. Those counties have previously refused to contribute a share of the shortfall.
Eckville town administrator Therese Kleeberger said the number of emergency calls is expected to be lower this year, based on a seven per cent reduction last year.
Mayor Helen Posti said she’s glad fewer people are becoming ill and injured, but it means less revenue from ambulance fees and charges.
At the same time, costs will be higher because of increased prices of fuel, insurance and rental accommodations for part-time employees.
Last year the deficit totalled about …

Teacher cuts coming

York Catholic School District will have 10 fewer teachers, thanks to the provincial budget announced in April.
“We’re certainly going to feel the pinch with this budget next year,” said superintendent Don Dolan. “It’s going to have a direct impact on classroom and teachers we hire.”
Teachers on temporary contract may not be renewed for the 2014-04 school year. New teachers may not be hired to meet the growing student population, he said.
It means class sizes would increase in September by one student per class if the number of staff and students were equally distributed, he said.
Currently, there are 320 teachers in the district and about 5,250 students.
School jurisdictions say they are hurting in the areas of operations and maintenance, transportation and Grade 10 funding.
Grade 10 funding became an issue last spring when Alberta Learning switched from per credit funding to per pupil funding. It was to be in place for one year.
Dolan said the cap on Grade 10 funding has not been lifted. Meanwhile, students continue to take more classes than what per pupil funding covers.
The division had a $250,000 deficit for operations and maintenance last year due mostly to natural gas and electricity costs.
Funding to that department did not increase.
Gasoline costs for transportation have also jumped and the three per cent funding increase handed out isn’t …

Disability strategy must become reality: activist

Central Albertans should pressure the provincial government to implement a new disability strategy before it’s shelved, says an advocate for the rights of the disabled.
Policy documents such as the Alberta Disability Strategy are produced by the government monthly, but they gather dust on shelves because nobody has the energy to promote them, said Marlin Styner, community affairs co-ordinator with the Canadian Paraplegic Association’s York office.
Central Albertans with disabilities, their caregivers and service providers must tell their MLAs to implement the strategy because it addresses the issues they have been concerned about for years, he said.
“It is not going to happen overnight,” said Styner, who hosted a public forum on the strategy in York on Thursday.
“Honestly, I don’t know that it will happen unless the grassroots get activated and push this thing forward.
“Let’s hope we can translate this energy here tonight into action.”
The strategy was released in December by the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities.
It contains 168 recommendations to allow people with disabilities to participate more fully in all aspects of society.
Major recommendations include raising awareness about the rights, needs and aspirations of people with disabilities; ensuring their needs related to daily living activities are met; embracing the principles of universal accessibility; and a more transparent and respectful appeals process.
The council also recommended the …

School lockdown policy in place

“Attention students, this is a lockdown,” said a voice over the public address system at Glendale Middle School. “Teachers please lock down your classrooms. Students get out of hallways.”
Within seconds, halls were emptied and school doors were slammed shut and locked.
Window blinds were pulled down and lights switched off, making some classrooms almost pitch black.
In rooms without blinds, students hid behind large laboratory tables or crammed to the front of the room and out of the sight-line of anyone peering through the glass on classroom doors.
The only sign that people might still be in the building was the abandoned textbooks lying open on desks.
After patrolling the school’s empty hallways, principal Brian Bieber called Glendale’s latest lockdown drill a qualified success.
“There was an excellent quick response, but you can still hear noise.
“There’s supposed to be complete silence,” said Bieber, who later warned students to pipe down during the next lockdown practice.
Such safety simulations are becoming almost as common as fire drills at schools throughout the city.
In the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre, where two Colorado students killed 12 classmates and one teacher, educators have learned they must be prepared for even the worst eventuality.
“We hope we’ll never have any incidents where a real lockdown is necessary,” said Bieber. “But schools are having to respond because …

Parking fines raised

Motorists who return to their car to find a parking ticket on their windshield will owe a few bucks more beginning in May.
City council unanimously approved parking fine hikes between $4 and $7.
For example, a first offence meter violation ticket will increase to $20 from $15. Drivers who don’t move their vehicles before a second ticket is slapped on their vehicle will face a second offence fine of $25, up from $18.
The city will continue to slash $10 off fines if paid within seven days and $5 if paid within 15 days.
Several other fines are going up, while some remain the same.
Fine increases will generate about $140,000 more in annual revenue, said city inspections and licensing manager Greg Scott. Last year, about $600,000 in fines was raised.
The city handed out about 41,000 tickets last year.
Net revenues are used to manage downtown parking programs, ensure enough parking spaces are maintained and to fund a future parkade.
Councillor Vesna Higham supported the fine increases, noting they still left York fines below the provincial average.
Increasing fines was also applauded by Councillor Jeffrey Dawson.
“I supported this two years ago. I’m glad it’s finally happening,” said Dawson.
He urged city staff to review fines more frequently.
The last parking fines review took place in 1996.
Scott said the city intends to review …