Parking fines raised

Motorists who return to their car to find a parking ticket on their windshield will owe a few bucks more beginning in May.
City council unanimously approved parking fine hikes between $4 and $7.
For example, a first offence meter violation ticket will increase to $20 from $15. Drivers who don’t move their vehicles before a second ticket is slapped on their vehicle will face a second offence fine of $25, up from $18.
The city will continue to slash $10 off fines if paid within seven days and $5 if paid within 15 days.
Several other fines are going up, while some remain the same.
Fine increases will generate about $140,000 more in annual revenue, said city inspections and licensing manager Greg Scott. Last year, about $600,000 in fines was raised.
The city handed out about 41,000 tickets last year.
Net revenues are used to manage downtown parking programs, ensure enough parking spaces are maintained and to fund a future parkade.
Councillor Vesna Higham supported the fine increases, noting they still left York fines below the provincial average.
Increasing fines was also applauded by Councillor Jeffrey Dawson.
“I supported this two years ago. I’m glad it’s finally happening,” said Dawson.
He urged city staff to review fines more frequently.
The last parking fines review took place in 1996.
Scott said the city intends to review fines and other fees more regularly.
Other fine increases include:
• Parking longer than designated time first offence $20 (up from $16) Second offence will be $25 (up from $18).
• Parking in a public lot with no daily or monthly pass will increase to $25 (up from $18).
• Parking in No Parking area will go to $30 (up from $25).