Search engine promotion for Flash site

1.Problem with Flash site

There are too many companies asked me already, “We have a nice flash site, but do not have any position on search engine, what we can do for it?” My true answer is “if you want to do search engine marketing for your site, please give up your flash site and make a new html version”.

The good thing of Flash is that it can be great addition to your site. It looks great. Many people like it because it is cool and attract lots of attention. But that is all about.

The bad thing of Flash is that Search engine can not read into Flash code. Macromedia offer a SDK which enable search engines to index Flash format. Google claims that they can follow links inside Flash file. But to our experience, 100% flash sites don’t do well on search engine. Three months after submitting Flash sites to search engines; they are nowhere to be found expect the pay per click programs available from Overture and Google.

Flash takes longer to load as well. Many people will just go away instead of waiting 10-20 seconds for the site to load. Especially for those people who are still using dial up connection.

2.What can you do for flash site

If you believe that the current Flash demonstrates added value to your potential markets, you really like to keep that flash site, then I recommend that you create two versions of your site, one in Flash, one in plain html. Give visitors an option to choose which version they want. Search engine will index your html version correctly.

If you do not want to have two versions and still want to do a little search engine marketing for it. The other option available is to use noframe tag. Put your flash site into a frameset and present some content to search engines using noframes tag. Here is some information about frames from Google site.

“If you are concerned with the description of your site as seen by search engines, please read “Search Engines and Frames”. It describes the use of the ‘NoFrames’ tag, which is used to provide alternative content. If, instead of providing alternative content, you use wording such as “This site requires the use of frames” or “Upgrade your browser”, then you are excluding both search engines and people who use browsers with frames turned off.”

That clearly state the function of noframes tag is to provide alternative content.

Only put the content inside noframes tag isn’t all about. Many search engines ignore noframes tag. What should you do? Most of search engine do not index or understand JavaScript; you can put your noframes tag inside JavaScript, use document.write from JavaScript to write your frameset. Search engine can not judge whether it is a frameset or not when it is inside JavaScript.

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